QWhen you are sorting the waste out, you have to select only waste for composting. When you are not sure about your waste, Itis better not to use them.

Insert waste in the Composter day by day, avoiding the insertion of waste accumulated during the week all at once Don’t insert waste of big dimensions. It’s better to break pieces of waste up into pieces of up to 10 cm. Decreasing waste you can make composting faster and you can increase volume of waste you can put in, increasing efficiency of biobi 230.

Prezzo € 250,00

Ordinabile singolarmente.

 L 100 cm x h 70 cm 

Capacità Totale 
230 Lt

Doppia Camera Indipendente 
115 Lt

Numero di persone 
6/9 persone


Camere di Processo 
 Polistirene espanso HD 40 Kg/mc 

Corpo Esterno 
 Lamiera Preverniciata

 Acciaio Verniciato

Insert wastes in the first chamber, add the right quantity of wooden material ( about 10%)by turning the Composter for some rotation in order to make the mix blended permitting the airflow. After turning biobi 160 be sure covers are turned upside down to avoid accidental openings which would cause mix leakage. When, after 2 weeks, the first chamber is full (it would be advisable to fill the chamber up to 10cm below the edge) It is possible to start pouring the waste in the second chamber,waiting for maturation of waste in the first chamber. When the second chamber is also full, the mix in the first chamber has already become compost and is ready to be used.

*Mix means wooden/vegetable wastes and materials

If during the use the Composter generates bad smells that means the use is wrong.
There are some reasons why

  • low aeration of the wastes mix–> empty a bit and turn the Composter
  • Too wet mix—> add wooden material and turn the Compster

Too full and/or too quickly filled Composter.